Do I need a card to order online?

Yes. To be able to place an order online for click & collect, you must first create an account and register your child as a card user. The card account must be credited beforehand to place online orders. No order will be processed or authorised without sufficient funds on the card account.

Where is an online order collected?

A collection area and system will be communicated to the students by the school and/or the caterer.

What is the cut-off time to place an online order?

All orders must be placed before Midnight on the day before collection day to be effective.

Can I place several orders in advance?

Yes, you can. Simply select the days of the week that you wish to collect the orders for.
You can check and cancel upcoming orders from your account just click on "Pre Orders" to view.

How do I pay for the online orders?

Online orders are paid using the card balance or if purchasing a meal deal product the meal plan credits available on the card are used. To place an online order, please ensure that you have sufficient funds to do so. Should there be insufficient funds on the card to pay for the online order, the order will not be processed.

If you subscribed to one of our Meal Plans, meal plan unit will be deducted from the remaining units available and associated with the card.

Where can I purchase the Meal Plan?

Meal Plan can be purchased online via your account.

There are 2 meal plan options
  • Meal Plan 1
    5 day-meal plan @ €20.00
    5 meal units for €20.00, that's 1 free meal!
  • Meal Plan 2
    4 week Meal Plan @ €75.00
    20 meal units for €75.00, that's 4 free meals and €5.00 discount!
How can I redeem my Meal Plan?

Each unit can be redeemed for lunchtime, at the collection time available (12.30 & 13.05)

You can redeem one meal plan unit per day and per card in the following ways:

a. On-site

The card must be presented for redemption of a meal plan unit at point of sale.

Simply tap the card at the reader and a meal plan unit will be deducted from your meal plan.

b. Pre-order your meal plan unit online for collection

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Pre-Order
  3. Select the person and the slot for you order.
  4. Make your pre order from the menu.

The meal plan unit is automatically deducted from your meal plan.

Is there any time limit for meal plan redemptions?

There is no time limit to redeem your meal plan lunch units.

Please note that in addition to available meal plan credits the card balance must not be negative.
Example 1:
5 meal plan credits
Card Balance @ -€2.50
In the above instance meal plan credits cannot be redeemed for a meal deal.

Example 2:
5 meal plan credits
Card Balance @ €0.00
In the above instance meal plan credits can be redeemed for a meal deal.

Where is the card collected from?

Once the card user(s) is set up under your account, the system will automatically assign a card number to the card user. The card is then ready for collection at the caterer station / school administration on the following school day.

Please note that the card can only be used for payment if either it has been topped-up or a meal plan has been purchased.

How can I top-up the card?

Parents can add credit to the card(s) under their account in the two following ways:

a. Online via your account: This is the most convenient way, as students do not need to bring cash on-site to load the card at the school, and the cardholder can go straight to get their meal. To load the card online, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account and click "Top Up / Meal Plan".
  2. Select the top-up amount you want for the card.
  3. Repeat step (2) if you want to add more credit to one or multiple cards under your account.
  4. On checkout you will be redirected to a third-party payment gateway. Follow the payment instruction and the process is complete.

A record of your transactions are viewable in "My Account".

b. On-site: At the canteen till, using cash:

  1. The cardholder presents the card to the canteen staff.
  2. Top-Up amount is tendered and added to the card.
  3. This cash purchase is viewable in the purchase history in the online account.
How do I check the card balance?

You will be able to check the amount of credit you have left on the card(s) registered under your account using the following methods:

a. Online under your account. Please note that the card balance is updated at the end of the day and therefore card balance at time of viewing may not reflect the current day transactions.

b. On-site at the canteen point of sale: simply ask the canteen staff and tap your card on the reader device located at the till. Staff will let the cardholder know how much is left on the card.

Note: Throughout the year, whenever the card balance reaches or is below €5.00, you will receive an email notifying you of the current balance.

What happens if my child forgets to bring their card to school?

In the event of a student forgetting their card in good faith we will take note of the transaction details and process the transaction either the following day or by making a manual entry if the card number can be identified.

Can I set a daily spend limit to a card?

Yes you can. The daily spend limit on every card upon registration is set by default at “None” i.e. no spend limit will apply.
If you would like to change this, simply:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on “Set daily spend limit”.
  3. Follow the process outlined on screen.

Once the daily limit spend is set, no transaction above that limit can be completed. The limit can be changed at any time by you by logging in to your account and following the same process described previously.

The daily spend limit per card is always viewable under “My account”.

IMPORTANT: Note that changes made to daily spend limits are applied to the card on the next school day.

What happens if the card is lost?

Should the card be missing, please report immediately the lost card online under your account:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click “Report lost / damaged card”
  3. Follow instructions on screen

Once the card is reported lost on the account, the card will be immediately deactivated and rendered unusable. A new card will then automatically be assigned to the cardholder on this account and made available for collection the next school day or at the earliest practicable opportunity. Balance is transferred to the new card.

A charge of €2.50 will be applied to the card balance.

Note: Should the cardholder realise that their card is lost; they can report the lost card directly to the canteen operator. The canteen operator will then deactivate the card at point of sale, rendering the card unusable at the point of sale for the day only. However the account holder MUST report the card lost online under the account to deactivate it completely and get a replacement card. If the card is not reported and registered as lost under the account, the card can still be used. This facility is only provided so that the child’s card will not be misused on the day.

Food Excellence cannot prevent the unauthorised use of the card until the card deactivation becomes effective, and any transactions undertaken before the deactivation has become effective will be at your risk.

What happens if my child finds a card?

Please report / bring the card to a canteen staff or school administration.

What happens if my child does not have enough money on the card to pay for the lunch at school?

An overdraft facility will apply on the card for the purchase of food at the canteen. This means that a student can go up to €5.00 overdrawn, should their balance be insufficient to pay for their lunch.

Parents will be notified of the card balance. If sufficient funds are not available to complete a transaction no transaction will be possible at the canteen stand.

Can I have a single account/login for all my children?

Yes. Parents are able to add all their children to a single account. There will be however one card per child.

Every card under the account will be assigned its own credit / meal plan.

Parents cannot move credit from one card to another card unless one of the children leaves the school.

What can I do/see from my account?

All these wonderful features are handily available from your account:

  • Access Food Excellence weekly menu
  • Card’s top-up transaction history
  • Card’s transactions history
  • Online ordering
  • Top-up card account
  • Purchase Food Excellence Meal Plans
  • Report Lost Card / Damaged Card
  • Set daily spend limit
My child has left the school, how can I obtain a refund?

A refund is available according to our terms and conditions. Please send us an email and we will process your request accordingly.

One of my children is leaving the school; can I transfer the balance onto the other card under my account?

Yes, you can. Simply send us your request by email and we will process accordingly.

Is there any time limit for card balance?

Card balances are retained on the account for the lifetime of the account.

What if I want to update my email address or password?

This can be done by clicking on the "Edit my account" button on the "My account" page.