Last updated: 08 AUGUST 2023

The system is operated by HACCP FACILITATION, t/a Food Excellence, Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland, CRO registered number 663481 (“Food Excellence” or “we”, the “Company”).

These Terms and Conditions apply to your participation in, and use of the features on offer by, the cashless catering & online ordering system (‘the Services’) at the location(s) at which we provide catering services. Please read them carefully because they form a legal agreement between you and us.

  • ‘Services’ means the services relating to Food Excellence cashless card system and any associated features including but not limited to the online ordering system.
  • ‘Website’ means the Food Excellence services’ website / web address where the account can be accessed from.
  • ‘Account’ means a valid and activated account for the purpose of using the cashless card system and associated features including but not limited to online ordering system, and which is associated with card(s), from which account holder can credit the card(s) under the account, purchase meal plans, view transaction history, top-up history.
  • ‘Account Holder’ means you, the party entering this Agreement, and the person in whose name the account is maintained.
  • ‘Authorised User’ means the person or persons the Account Holder has authorised to use the Card(s).
  • ‘Cardholder’ means the authorised person/user in whose name the card is issued from the account.
  • ‘Card’ means the contactless card issued by Food Excellence to the Cardholder for the purpose of buying food items from Food Excellence.
  • ‘Card Balance’ means the balance of funds associated with the card(s) under the account.
  • ‘Credit Facility’ means the maximum amount for credit on any one card for the payment of products at the canteens operated by Food Excellence. The credit facility does not apply on online orders.
  • ‘Location’ means location at which Food Excellence provides the Services.
  • ‘Meal Plan’ means the pre-purchase of block of lunch meals as described on the website, and redeemable at Food Excellence’s canteen using the card.
  • ‘Online Ordering Service’ means the online ordering facility accessible under your account that enables you to pre-order online food and drink products supplied by Food Excellence, for collection at the designated locations and days.
  • ‘Order(s)’ means online orders placed for the cardholder(s) under your account and submitted via the online ordering facility under your account.
  • ‘Payment’ means the process by which the account holder credits the card(s) i.e. top-ups using the payment method(s) available.
  • ‘Transaction’ means the process by which a cardholder makes a transaction using the card (either in-store or online via the account) and is then deducted from the card’s balance.
  • ‘Transaction Amount’ – The full transaction amount deducted from a card balance.
  • ‘We, us or our’ means Food Excellence.
  • ‘You, your’ – you, the account holder, entering into this Agreement.

Food Excellence operates a cashless card system for payments for food and drink at Food Excellence’s canteens. We will issue to the authorised users a contactless smartcard (‘Cards’) for the purpose of processing transactions with Food Excellence. The card is credited with money by the account holder and is then presented to pay for items either on-site at the canteen or online for pre-orders. The transaction amount spent is then deducted from the card’s balance.

We will provide the Services to you and the authorised users, on the basis of the information that you have provided on your account. You agree to provide accurate information and to update any changes to your information. By providing information during the activation of your account, or by continuing to use the Services, you are consenting to the use of information as described in the Privacy Policy.

By creating an account and using the Services, you automatically accept these Terms and Conditions (Terms) and agree to abide by them.

This Agreement is solely and exclusively between you and us.


To be able to use the Services you must first create an online account.

By creating an account, you will become the account holder and will be solely responsible for all activity under your account.

If a card is to be used by your child, you must be the legal parent or guardian with primary responsibility for your child or have permission from the primary legal parent or guardian to hold an account for that child.

You must be at least 18 years old to open an account.

To register an account, you must provide a valid email address that is legally and securely under your control for accessing the account and for receiving information from us, including, but not limited to: notifications such as balance alert and information about the Services and our products.

You are responsible for: the safekeeping of your account including password security; all use of your account; all information available from your account; any payments and transactions; and fees or charges that the Services may incur.

Food Excellence disclaims any responsibility for the wrong provision of information that adversely affects or prevents the use of Services.


We charge a non-refundable fee per card user on account creation and upon replacement of the Card should it be lost, stolen or damaged.

Our current charges are as detailed below:
You acknowledge that you accept these fees by creating an account. Please note that the charges will be deducted automatically from the available balance on the card. Please ensure to have sufficient balance on the card to cover any of the charges at any time.
Should you have insufficient balance on your card to cover any of the charges, you may not be able to use the system and no transaction will be processed either online or at the canteen.

1. Effective date: Wednesday 8th March 2023

Service Charge Card replacement
For non Teacher users: €10.00 annually on registration and the subsequent one year anniversary of registration.
No service charge for 2nd and subsequent cardholder under the same account.
€2.50 per card

The Card is a stored value card and it is not a credit, charge, debit or savings card. The Card is not linked to your bank account.

Once your account has been activated, you can top-up your card(s) using the following methods:

(a) Online using a debit or credit card

This online payment processing service, available via your account, is being provided by a third-party payment provider, Opayo (formerly known as SagePay). The personal information (credit or debit card details), which you provide to this third-party, is never stored on our systems. As such, this information is subject to the privacy and data retention policies of the payment provider being used. We will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of their services.

We will never ask you for your bank details.

Online top-ups immediately update the card balance online however an allowance of 24 hours should be given in order to have online top-ups reflect on the location device.

(b) On-site using cash

On-site top-up can be made at Food Excellence point of sale during the opening hours.

On-site top-ups immediately update the card balance however the online account information is updated at the end of the day and will be reflected then on your account.


The card can only be used for payment if the account holder has topped up the card beforehand via the account online or on-site. The card must be presented to our staff at point of sale to process a transaction for a food or drink item. The item amount will be deducted from the balance available to the cardholder.

Due to the restrictive nature of Internet connection available at locations balance and daily transactions are viewable at the end of each day.

Account holders will be notified by email when the card’s balance reaches a threshold i.e. less than or equal to €5.00.

You will also be notified by email of the card balance being below €0.00. If sufficient funds are not available to complete a transaction, no transaction will be possible. You must credit the card to complete transactions.

Reconciliation of negative balance will be pursued by Food Excellence directly after the initial notification has been sent.

A card or its number cannot be lent or given to anyone else.

Use of the card is restricted to the authorised user.

The card is not a cheque guarantee card, credit card, or debit card. It is not linked to your bank account and the balance on the card under your account will not earn any interest.

Every transaction made using the card or via the account is recorded on the system. You will be able to access the transaction history via your account.

Setting Daily Spend Limit

You can set daily spend limit on the card for use at the canteen. The daily spend limit on every card at registration is set by default at €0.00 i.e. no spend limit. If you would like to change this, simply click on “Set daily spend limit” “and follow the process outlined.

Once the daily spend limit is set, no transaction above that limit can be completed. The limit can be changed at anytime by you by logging in to your account and following the same process described previously.

The daily spend limit selected for the card can be viewable under “My account” at any time.

The daily spend limit only applies to the card transactions made on site at the school’s canteen. It does not apply to card transactions made for online orders i.e. there is no daily spend limit option for online orders.

IMPORTANT: Please note that while the daily spend limit for the card is updated immediately online, the update to the daily spend limit will only take effect from the next school day.

Please also note that setting a daily spend limit restricts the ability to pay for items with absolutely no way for Food Excellence staff at the canteen to overcome the restriction.

For example, a card is limited to €5.00 as daily spending limit while having a €20.00 balance. At morning break €3.00 is spent, the balance available for the rest of the day is €2.00.

In the above example if at lunchtime an item is being purchased for €2.50, the transaction will fail as you have restricted the spending on the card. A €2.00 'Open Product' may be charged and the remaining €0.50 paid in cash in this example.


Food Excellence operates an online ordering service for the supply of food and drinks at participating locations.

Orders are submitted via your account online. To place an order you must first create an account and an authorised user.

You acknowledge that orders can only be placed for collection at the designated locations.

When placing an order, collection days and corresponding time slots are made available during the ordering process for you to choose and select the day and time slot on which you will collect your order.

Collection points, collection days and times available during the ordering process may change at any time without prior notice.

Please only submit an order if you intend to collect the order on the selected collection day, as we will prepare the ordered products in anticipation of your arrival.

All pre orders placed are viewable and can be cancelled prior to cut off time from you account under "Pre Orders". Please ensure that all pre orders that you have placed are correct and for the right collection day and time slot. we will not accept responsibility for input errors on your part.

To place an order you will be required to specify:

  • The cardholder for whom the order is;
  • The products and quantity thereof that you wish to order (Your Order) for each cardholder, from the list of products available on the service.
  • Select the collection day(s) and the corresponding collection time for the Order; and
  • Any other required information to finalise and subsequently identify your Order.

Please ensure that you check all of the details you enter and correct any errors before submitting your order.

Ordering is subject to cut off times. All orders MUST be placed before Midnight the day before collection for the order to be effective the following day.

The choice you make in advance is the one that your child / cardholder must take on the day.

When placing an order the system will follow any cut off and capacity rules, the availability of certain products may or may not be available to you at time of checkout.

You will be able to cancel or vary your order as allowed under clause “Online Orders: Changes & Cancellations By You.

After completing payment you will be presented with a screen confirming your order has been received by us (the “Confirmation Screen”). Should there be any issue at this point in the process you will be notified on the Confirmation screen.

Collecting an Order

Orders must be collected from the collection point designated at the school and as per the school’s rules, and orders can only be collected within the relevant canteen’s collection time. The relevant collection time for online orders are displayed on the website and / or at the school.

Product Pricing

The prices published on the online ordering service will apply to the ordered products. Prices may change from time to time without prior notice but changes will not affect confirmed orders.

Payment of Your Online Order

Payment for your order(s) is made online at the time of submitting your order, using the credits available on the cardholder’s card at the time. The total amount of the online order will be deducted from the card.

Cards must have sufficient funds for orders to be authorised at checkout and be processed. The credit facility does not apply on online orders.

Online Orders: Changes & Cancellations By You

All changes to existing orders must be placed before Midnight the day before the appointed collection day for the changes to be effective. No changes or cancellations will be accepted after this time.

Where an order is cancelled by you before the cancellation deadline we will not provide any cash refund but we will re-credit the card used for the order in the same amount. Any pre-ordered items that remain uncollected at the appointed time will not be refunded.

Online Orders: Changes & Cancellations By Us

If we are unable to fulfill your order due to unforeseen circumstances, or if one of the products is no longer available, an alternative will be offered.


All Products displayed are subject to availability.

We endeavour to provide information on any allergens that the products may contain on our website, but please note that:
a. We cannot guarantee and we make no warranty that the products will not contain any allergens.
Our canteens are busy working environments and there is a risk of cross-contamination between ingredients; if you have an allergy we kindly ask that you do not order online. In this scenario, please contact the school and / or the caterer directly. If you have any doubt about the contents of any of our products, allergy warnings or any other menu information please contact us before you place your Order.


Food Excellence meal plan enables you to purchase in advance a block of meals at any one time as stipulated on the website e.g. 5 meals, 20 meals, depending on which option you selected when purchasing your meal plan.

To avail of a Food Excellence meal plan subscription, you must register an account and a cardholder, as the card will be used to redeem the meal plan units.

When you select and pay for the meal plan either online via your account or at point of sale at the school, we will record your meal plan against your card number. Please note that there can be only one meal plan per card.

Meal plan unit redemption

a. At the canteen:

You can redeem your meal plan unit on-site. The card must be presented for redemption of a meal plan unit at point of sale. The catering team reserves the right to refuse service should you not present your card at meal times, or if you attempt to use another person’s card. If service is refused you will not be able to purchase the meal with your meal plan and will need to pay for the meal separately.

b. Online:

You can pre-order your meal plan unit online via your account.

Each time you use a meal unit, either online or on-site, it is subtracted from the total number of meals remaining on your plan.

Any meals untaken are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable.

Under the meal plan, you will be entitled to one lunch meal per day, per card.

The cardholder can only redeem the menu items eligible for redemption with the Meal Plan and as described on the website. The items can only be redeemed for lunchtime.

Unused meal plan unit redemptions are not limited by time.

Price and Payment of the Meal Plan

The pricing for meal plan subscriptions are at the rates displayed on the website. Prices for meal plans are liable to change at any time, but price changes will not affect meal plans once they have been made and payment made.

Purchase of a meal plan can be made online via your account.

All payments must be made at the time of booking the meal plan at which point your cardholder’ identification number (i.e. card number) will be recorded to enable your meal plan to be activated and administered.

Please note that in addition to available meal plan credits the card balance must not be negative.
Example 1:
5 meal plan credits
Card Balance @ -€2.50
In the above instance meal plan credits cannot be redeemed for a meal deal.

Example 2:
5 meal plan credits
Card Balance @ €0.00
In the above instance meal plan credits can be redeemed for a meal deal.

Cancellation and Termination of the Meal Plan

We may terminate the meal plan scheme at any time.

You are entitled to cancel the meal plan subscription at any time upon written notice. Please email us with your request (support at

Subject to an administration fee of €10 to process the required updates to the meal plan subscription, you will be entitled to a refund of the value of remaining meal plan units, less the free meal(s) and administration fee; accordingly, requests for refunds will only be accepted where the unused meal plan units exceed €10.00 in value. Method of payment of any refund will be made by arrangement with you.

For Example:

You selected the weekly meal plan i.e. 5 meals @ €20.00 and got 1 free meal as part of the deal.
1 meal plan unit = €5.00
You redeemed one meal unit and there is 3 units left under the meal plan.
You will be entitled to a refund as follows:
3 meals @ €15.00, minus €10 (admin fee) = €5.00 refund

Please note that the free meal(s) under the meal plan will not be refunded, and will not be eligible for refund. Accordingly, if one meal plan unit remains for the 5-day meal plan or four meal plan units remain for the 4-week Meal Plan, these will be deemed as the free meal unit(s) and no refund will be granted.


It is important to keep the card in a fit condition for use.

Do not expose the card to water, fire, excessive heat and all other circumstances that could damage the card.

You and or the cardholder may not tamper with your card or allow others to tamper with your card. If we reasonably believe that your card has been tampered with, we reserve the right to charge you for its replacement at a cost of €2.50 per card.

You shall at all times remain responsible for the use of the card(s) and the activity on your online account, whether or not the activity was authorised by you.

You must immediately notify Food Excellence if your card is lost, stolen or damaged.

You can report a lost card using the following method:

Online, once logged in your account. Once the card is registered as lost, it is deactivated and unusable in the Services.

A replacement card will be assigned to your account and to the cardholder and distributed at the earliest practicable opportunity. The balance on the lost card will be transferred to the replacement card. A charge of €2.50 applies to cards issued under these circumstances.

Food Excellence cannot prevent the unauthorised use of the card until the card deactivation becomes effective and any transactions undertaken before the deactivation has become effective will be at your risk.

Food Excellence will not be liable if the card has been misused, damaged, lost or stolen.

Should the cardholder realise that their card is lost, they can report the lost card directly to the canteen operator. The canteen operator will then deactivate the card at point of sale, rendering the card unusable at the point of sale for the day only. However the account holder MUST report the card lost online under the account to deactivate it completely and get a replacement card. If the card is not reported and registered as lost under the account, the card can still be used. This facility is only provided so that the card will not be misused on the day.


Balances are retained on the account for the lifetime of the account.

Unspent balances are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable except on cancellation of an account or cardholder.

A refund is available on the closure of an account and/or in the event that a cardholder under the account is no longer using the Services.

Cancellation request of a card / an account must be made within the school year.

A request for account cancellation and refund must be made email (support at where you must state your account name and in the case of multiple cardholders in one account the card number to be cancelled.

An administration charge of €5.00 will be made for any such refunds; accordingly, requests for refunds will only be accepted where the unused funds exceed €5.00 in value. Method of payment of any refund will be made by arrangement with you.


You are entitled to close your account or cancel a card by contacting us directly. We can return any credit balance on card(s) via the process and terms defined in paragraph “Refunds”. Should your account be in negative balance at the time of closure Food Excellence will seek recovery.

In the case of a card cancellation where one or more cards under the account remain active we will contact you to transfer balance to an active card under your account or to recover negative balance.

Your data will be archived and subsequently deleted, according to our Data Protection Policy.

If you terminate your account and where applicable withdraw all the account balance according to the process and terms defined in this agreement, this Agreement will terminate and you will no longer have use of the Services.

Cards must be returned to Food Excellence or the administrative contact at the location.


We will use reasonable endeavours to provide the Services however we do not warrant or represent that
(a) use of the Services will be uninterrupted and/or error free; or
(b) Services will be always available, safe and secure.

The material displayed on our site is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy.

We exclude any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by any user in connection with our Services or in connection with the use, inability to use, or results of the use of our Services, any websites linked to it and any materials posted on it, including but not limited to: loss of data, an inability to process top-up payments, card transactions; an inability to connect successfully with or exchange data with our systems; and failure of any data processing systems including those of third-parties.


We may revise these terms of use at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we made, as they are binding on you.